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Copy - Paste Outlook Message



This might be something simple but when I copy and paste the body of an email message from Outlook into the body of a new ticket in HelpSpot, it pastes the message with each space counted as 2 spaces. I know why it does this but am wondering if it is possible to get HelpSpot to ignore the formatting and just paste the text.

I don’t want to change the way Outlook displays my emails to plain text. It would be convenient if I didn’t have to go back and remove the extra spaces from HelpSpot.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


Hi Tyson,

Well, at least when you first paste it in there’s not too much HelpSpot can do. It would be technically possible to strip it out after you submit it, but that’s the kind of “feature” that can have lots of bad consequences. The problem is that HelpSpot will never know if there’s 2 line breaks because it was pasted from Outlook or because you actually want two of them. So it will work right most of the time, but when you actually want two breaks they’ll be stripped out.

If you’re using FireFox though the extension below appears to do what you want:

If you try it I’d definitely be interested in hearing how it turned out.