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Copy/Paste screenshot into call



this is the second bit of feedback;

“Can’t seem to copy and paste a screenshot into the body of the call. Only obvious option is to add it as an attachment.”

As you can see, he has a workaround but it would be useful if we could paste direct.




That’s correct Jamie. This is really more to do with web browsers. There’s no reliable way to copy/paste into a text area in that manner like you could with Word. There are some things we can do with the wysiwyg editor to let you insert an image into the body (still not copy/paste though) and we’re looking into those for a future release.

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks Ian - thought it might be something like that.


There’s a program called Snag It which can simply and reliably capture screen shots (and even make avi files) which can be attached to the requests, but alas the only cheap project management / helpdesk software I have seen that can directly capture screenshots is the Java based JIRA.


JIRA is really a bug tracker more than a help desk. FogBugz also has a screencapture tool. I’m not sure it’s that useful in most help desks since it’s more often customers would need to make screenshots than staff.

I think Jamie was actually looking for an easier/better way to embed images directly in the note box rather than a way to take them. I have heard good things about Snag It. Here we use Snap ZPro for the Mac.


I like very much to revisit this topic. It is 2017 now and web browsers have shown a huge step forward in this regard. I see apps like Slack now working in the browser where I can simple paste any image from the clipboard into a channel, so this should be doable by helpspot as well in 2017. This is really getting a deal breaker these days for us, always having to workaround to attachments for a simple screenshot is very annoying to say the least and not how its done these days, so please reconsider adding this as a feature in the near future.
lol, and now as I was about to hit “reply” I see the this above the reply windows:
still looks ugly here in the reply window, but better then nothing.


Thanks for bringing this backup. I did some research on it yesterday, and it appears the Chrome browser supports it but not Safari. That is the case with Slack too if you are running it through the browser, not the app.

I haven’t checked Firefox or IE yet but because it’s not universally supported it’ll have to have some sort of fallback. Right now I think this will need to be a v5 feature because it’ll need quite a few substantial internal changes and a smooth system in place for when a browser isn’t supported.