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Couple Of Questions


I have a couple of requirments i have gathered from staff. Are these possible, if so how?

  1. Change the urgent tick box into Priority (1 to 5)
    does this need to be a Custom Field? If so, can we disable Urgent?
  2. How do you disable features (Knowledge Books, Forum)
  3. Categories for specific Portals and not others
    we currently thinking about using the application for 2 different departments (companies) and require completly different Categories on their protals (Ive set up 2)
  4. Change the status from ‘Active’ to ‘Open’
  5. Customise email templates depending on the email its sent from


I think i know question 5. I believe i can by editing the bottom of the mailbox screen. So unless im wrong, please ignore this question


Hi Neil,

  1. What you can do is define your own priority system via a custom field (Admin->Tools->Custom Request Field) usually the predefined list type is good for this.

  2. Those can’t be disabled per se but if you don’t add any then they won’t appear on the portal.

  3. Yes, you setup secondary portals and then in the secondary portal section you can define which categories are for that portal. To get the same functionality in the default portal see this page:

  4. You probably shouldn’t do that because open has a different meaning in the system than status. Status is separate from open and closed. You could update this text in the database in HS_luStatus but I don’t know if that will have any adverse effects in the system as that text is not designed to be changed.

  5. Yep, that’s how you do it.


1 thing you didnt answer, can i disable urgent in admin. The custom field makes sense thoough


i could render it out in the c_default_2.7.2.php (unless you have a better idea)

span {display:none}


Hi Neil,

No, urgent cannot be disabled but you would simply ignore it.

The problem with adjusting the CSS for it is that customers an email in urgent requests (if they set the urgent/priority flag in their email client) so you could end up with urgent requests you cannot make “un urgent” if you hide the UI for it.


I wouldnt tell them how :slight_smile: