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Create and Close Request Initially


Hey everyone,

Fast question. I know that once a request has been created, you then have a button available upon viewing that request to ‘update and close’ the request. However, many times in our company, we resolve the request in the same phone call. As of now, it looks as if we will need to first create the request, then grab the request again and close it, rather than doing it all initially with the push of a button. Is there any way currently to create AND close the request, rather than creating and going back to close it out? Thanks!


Hi Brandon,

Currently there isn’t a way to “create and close”. It is a feature that’s on our list for a future release though.


I’d like to add that this feature would be welcome to us also.


There is an easy workaround for this one:

  • Create a new custom Request checkbox field - in our case we call it “First call fix” and add this to the categories that are relevant for you
  • Next create an automation rule - we call it “First call fix closer”, if the condition “First call fix” ist “Yes”, the action is “Set status” = “solved”

The benefit of this workaround is that you can also monitor the rate of “First call fixes”

Hope this helps someone out there;)


Great idea Tim, thank you for the post!