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Create my own out of office schedule


We are running HelpSpot 2.47 on a Linux server. It’s working well for us. One feature we’d like, is one that I think you are developing, is the ability to schedule when staff are in/out of office. We have ours on a MySQL database. Can you tell me what field and table I could change in the database to change a staff members “Out of Office Status”?

I’d like to write a little perl script that would operate outside of HelpSpot on a schedule. I would have the perl flip the staff fields between “User is Available” and “Forward requests to: Inbox” based on what I set their schedules to be in the script. I’d be glad to share my code.


Sure Chris. All you need to do is set HS_Person.xPersonOutOfOffice to 1 to have them be out and 0 to have them be available. Let me know how that goes for you.