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Creating Priorities


I have not seen this in the system yet. There is a flag for URGENT, but there is no way to catagorize items as Priority 1 ,2 and so on.


By default HelpSpot takes the position that an item is either urgent or not. No priorities beyond that are used because often the help desk staffer filling in the priority has no real knowledge as to what priority the item should have when assigning it to another user.

However, we realize that some organizations need this ability so there are several ways to add priorities to HelpSpot.

The first is to add a custom field for priorities. You can do this at Admin->Tools->Custom Fields. You probably want the predefined list type. Setup your priority levels and you’re all set. You can also make it required if you want to force a priority decision to be made.

A second way would be to alter the different status types in Admin->Settings. You could add Priority 1, 2, 3 to the status types. This would then let you move requests off of Active and onto the proper priority.

Both ways should work equally well. I would recommend first trying it as a custom field.