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Creating Triggers


We just installed HelpSpot V3 and are loving it so far. I’m having trouble getting triggers to work correctly. Once you define a trigger, do you need to do something in order to have the system use it? No matter how we define a trigger, it won’t work.

The trigger we are trying to create is a trigger that emails on-duty techs to let them know that new issues are in the queue.


Hi Drew,

Great to hear! No, it uses them automatically. Can you tell me your conditions.

Did you make sure to set on creation and not update.


Here is what I have set:

When a request is Created if any of the following conditions are met:

Send email notification to

Staff Member (I’ve chosen my account here)

Send From

Default mailbox (which works for all other functions)


New Ticket Opened on IT Help Desk


A help desk ticket from ##CUSTOMERFIRST## ##CUSTOMERLAST## has arrived.



I had a breakthrough.

Above, I left off the original (borked) trigger condition which was:

Open/Closed Now is All

Changing the trigger condition to:

Status Now Is Active

fixed my problem.

Now to figure out how to send the ticket contents to the email . . . . :slight_smile:


ah, great!

There’s a placeholder for the original content of the request or the full request history if that’s what you mean.


@ian What is the placeholder for full request history or last update (if there is one) – if not, how can I go about creating one? I cannot find this on the forum, but if there is an article that already points to this, please send me a link.



It depends where you are, but all available placeholders are always in the drop down for any given template you’re adding placeholders to.


@ian I should’ve specified I am trying to do this in the trigger function of helpSpot. I want a trigger to send me an email notification every time there is an update to the ticket with the body consisting of the message that was sent.

Thanks in advance!


Generally what you’ll want to do is edit the staff notifications template to simply always include the full history in every staff notification. You can do that in admin-customize-email templates.


@ian – This works except when I try to include the latest public note. As per the placeholders given, I am using ##FULLPUBLICHISTORY## – but last public is not being published in the email. Whether I use ##FULLPUBLICHISTORY## or ##FULLPUBLICHISTORYEX##, it gives me the same output. What am I doing wrong? How can I get the last public note sent in the email?


@ian any update on this?


Is this from a trigger? The full history should be the way to do it. You may want to contact support so we can take a closer look.