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CRM Customer management system recommendations?


What type of system are you using (or recommend) for customer management (such as a specific program or your own custom program?) We are a mISV and are looking for one “out of the box” if possible, as we have limited development resources to have one programmed/customized for us. We currently have a custom MS Access database that we use to keep customer information, but we are interested in changing to one that is web-based and can tie in with HelpSpot (maybe through Live Lookup).

We are looking at HelpSpot to manage emails, support articles and a forum, so I wanted to see what is recommended/used to manage customer information and records.
The main features/records we need are:

  • Customer contact info (name, address, email, etc)
  • Order history (when they purchased, which version/edition, etc)
  • Serial numbers of the software they have purchased
  • Activations and licenses for their software (name of computer that was activated and when, if it’s active or deactivated, etc)
  • Subscriptions (service plans and renewals, etc)

Does anyone have any recommendations?


Hi Penny,

Our customers use a wide variety of CRM’s, there’s definitely no single one which is dominant. I would say the majority are using an in house system (use included), but there are many using Sugar, Salesforce, and apps like Highrise and Basecamp.

I don’t have a specific recommendation, but if you do choose Salesforce we have Live Lookup code available which uses their API (must be an enterprise or ultimate user though and they are expensive). Also no matter what you choose we’re always happy to provide advice on Live Lookup implementation.