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Cron job doesn't execute tasks.php, says Optimizer not installed


I can run tasks.php from the browser just fine, but when the cron fires off, the output indicates “Zend Optimizer not installed.” So I guess it doesn’t execute the script. Is this a limitation on the Trial version, not be able to execute a Cron job, or can this be fixed?


No, it’s not a problem with the trial version. It sounds like your command line version of PHP is running off a different php.ini than your web server PHP. The web server PHP is correctly using the php.ini that has the reference to the installed Zend Optimizer, while the command line PHP is probably using an ini that’s a default and has no reference to Zend. That’s usually the problem in this type of case.


Thanks, I’ve got a post in the TD Container forum. I’m going to share your comments, then try to figure out if they recommend I edit the command line ini or simply re-direct it to the other ini file.