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Custom Code/Template for BCC in Public Notes


I need to create a custom code/template that will Blind Carbon Copy when sending a ‘Public Notes to Customers’.

Which code/templates page needs to be customized for this?


You won’t be able to edit the admin template, but we are looking at adding an BCC option in version 2. A better way though is to use the notify feature if you’re trying to notify another HelpSpot user.

Are you trying to BCC on every public note or just certain ones? If you’re trying to do every one there’s a couple of other ways you could go about it. You may be able to do this in your mail server. You could also create a trigger or a script which watches the HS_Request_History table for public notes and shoot off an email when a new row is found. You could also create a BCC HelpSpot user if you have an extra license that would be used to send BCC’s to whoever you like using the notify feature.


Thanks Ian, also Tony said he has not received the patch discussed in this thread.


OK I resent them. He should have them now, if not he should check his spam folder. I didn’t get a bounce so they appear to have gone through.