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Custom dropdown field not showing value in reports


Using HelpSpot 2.7.2

I created a custom field, defined as a dropdown, to store the user’s support level. We have support levels for each customer defined from 0 to 5.

When the support level is set to 0 on an inquiry, the filters all show a dash " - " as if no value has been set for the field. This means that in the reports, we cannot tell the difference between inquiries without the value defined, and inquiries with the support level set to 0.
All other values (1 through 5) show up normally. I can provide a screenshot if needed.
When you actually open a specific inquiry, the support level dropdown shows the “0” correctly.

Does the filtered list have trouble distinguishing between a 0 and NULL values?

Any suggestions?


Hi Michael,

Yes, PHP defaults to treating 0 as empty in many cases. The next release of HelpSpot V3 beta will fix this in the filters and reports should already be ok.


Thanks for the info. I changed the value to “0L” (L for lowest) and it displays fine.

A related question: When I modified the dropdown value from “0” to “0L”, I edited the existing 0 value. I did not add a new value. However, it did not change any of the earlier inquiries that have support level set to “0”. Is this the expected behavior, and if so, how can I change the value of this field in older inquiries without reopening each of them?


Yes, it won’t go through an update. You would need to manually update them with a query.

UPDATE HS_Request SET Custom# = “0L” WHERE Custom# = 0

Make sure to replace the # with the ID of the custom field.