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Custom email template based upon status



I’m having trouble figuring out how I could go about using two different email templates for “Public Notes to Customers” based upon ticket status. Basically I want one email template for when a ticket is “closed” with a public note and another email template for all other statuses. My end game is to include a customer satisfaction survey in the actual final closing public note. Something like a quick “did I solve your problem? Y/N” embedded in the email. I’ve got the email parameters set up to work with a Qualtrics survey just fine.

I’ve read the suggestions over at, which are great, but the suggestions require the survey to be sent in a separate email from the agent’s final response. I’ll go that route if I have to, but I’d prefer to have the survey and final note included in the same response.

Thanks for your time,


Hi Josh,

There’s not a direct way to select an alternate template. However, you could on closing select to send from an alternate email account. In that way, the alternate email account could have it’s own override email template for public notes to customers.

Another alternative we see that’s fairly common is to include the survey in the template always and adjust the phrasing to something along the lines of ‘let us know how we’re doing’. So it’s always available to customers rather than only at the end.