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Custom Error Message



I wonder if its possible to change the error Messages you get when leaving a required field empty. Something more specific than “Required Field”? Cant find anything in the documentation or forums. Thanks in advance.



Hi Christian,

Are you referring to in the portal or the request screen?


Hi Ian,

its a custom request.tpl.



On the portal you’d have to capture this output instead of just echo’ing it:


so check if it’s not empty, if it isn’t it’s an error and output your own text instead.

’)) ? ‘error msg’ : ‘’)

should do it, you need to replace sEmail for each field as appropriate


Hey Ian,

thx this will do it. One more thing there is a standard message at the top when an error is triggered. Is there a way to remove this message?



Yes, removing this line should do it:

<?php echo $this->helper->showError('general','
') ?>