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Custom Feild Drop Down Choices vs. Reports


A couple of (loaded) questions…

  1. We use the custom drop down menu options to sort the different artists we support. So basically when we a close a ticket that represents a particular band/artist, we select their name from the custom drop down list so we can isolate those tickets by artists when we run reports. The issue is that our drop down list is getting very long and we need to trim it back. Because we have been happily using HelpSpot for quite some time, I’m afraid to delete any of the names from this custom drop down list because I would loose the history if/when I need to go back and pull archival reports. I know there are some options in HelpSpot where you can archive a rule, trigger or email address if you ever need to reference it again, could something be done with custom fields as well? Or at the very least is there a workaround that you know of that will allow me to have access to the archival data after I delete a name from the list?

  2. From the reporting side, are there plans to create an X/Y reporting style where we can select two different source groups (Vertical List and Horizontal List)? So for example, If we wanted to pull a report using the Custom Artist List drop down field on the Vertical side and using The Reporting Tag group for the Horizontal side, this way we can spot trends better. Just a thought.

Thanks in advance for your help.