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Custom field dependent on creator


We have a need here, where we have many students who enter requests, we do not have a need for all of these students to have a named account, as there constantly rotate and there are many of them. However what we would like is if a student is entering a request the include there last name as the ticket originator, what we were hoping to do is have a creator dependent custom field, so it only shows for students for instance.

We could populate this with an AJAX lookup, but this would require us to show the field to everyone, does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this, we don’t want to create a custom portal, because they also lookup tickets.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Joshua,

There’s not really a good way around that. If the students are sharing accounts there’s no built in way for the system to know that. If it’s just that you rotate accounts each semester then you should give them each a named account and then make those inactive as the students leave which frees up slots for new named users.

Shared accounts though, I guess the ajax custom field would be a good way or perhaps just have a rule that they always type their name in replies. This way at least their name is in the history though there’s no enforcement there of course. Same for the ajax field, they could manually change it. So if you ever needed to find out who really performed an action (sent a bad email, etc) you’d have no way to really prove who did the action.