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Custom Field Hidden In Request Submission But To Show Only In Request Check



Wondering if this is possible…

We want to add a new custom field to our helpdesk called " Anticipated Completion Date" as a dtae field. We need this field to be hidden from the client when they fill in their support request, as it is intended to be a custom field that the assigned operator can optionally fill in with an anticipated completion date. However, when the client logs in to view the ticket, we want the field to show up when they view the ticket.

I believe we would need to edit the request.check.tpl.php file, but cant see a way of adding a custom field which is hidden from the request submission page, but shows on the request check page.

Any assistance with the coding needed would be great


Hi Dave,

Yes, that would be possible. It’s in the array of information there with the key name Custom# where # is the custom field ID. It will be a unix timestamp so you’ll need to use the PHP date function to turn it into a readable date.