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Custom Field - link


Is it possible to somehow add a link somewhere on the admin new request page that can open a new window to a url and pass all the custom field values (a little like the AJAX field does) as parameters?

Basically as part of raising a request in one of our scenarios the staff member raising the request may need to run a report in another system. Most of the parameters for that will have already been filled in within the help spot request so rather than having to select the parameters again I’m thinking it would be really useful if all they had to do was click a link as part of raising the request.

Possible with using some jquery somewhere maybe?


Yes, using a custom admin theme you could probably do this though specifying all the custom fields if it’s many might take some time.

It might also be possible to use Live Lookup. When Live Lookup runs (if you use it, or set it up if not) the script you specify gets all the custom fields. In the Live Lookup results you could return a link that included them all in it. That would then be easily clicked.

It’s also much more maintainable than a custom admin theme.