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Custom Field Weirdness


I have added a Date & Time custom field to several request categories, but not all. The Date & Time custom field shows up in all categories, but without the field title. The title appears in the categories that it should.

What could be causing this weird behavior?


Hmm, that’s a new one. What browser are you using? Does this happen in an alternate browser?


It appears to be a bug in WebKit, I have tried it in Safari 3, Firefox 3, and IE 7. It only had issues in the first two.


Hmm, well we use Safari 3 here as our primary browser and haven’t seen this. Would it be possible for me to login to your installation and take a look? If so please send in an email with the URL and login info and I’ll check it out.


Hi Jered,

I went through every category and did not see any issues in Safari 3 or FF 2. All the date/time fields appeared correctly below their labels. Perhaps we’re seeing an issue on just your machine, can you try from another computer?

Also, if you could send a screenshot that would be helpful (send it to