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Custom Reporting Headstart - Today Board SQL


HI Helpspot,

We are rolling a pretty big HS installation, 8 independent CS and production groups, probably have at least 150 daily users when we are done, Good thing we have teh annual subscription :smile:

I am implementing some custom reporting using the PowerBI Suite from MS. Really the customizations are going to be giving each work area easy access to daily metrics:

  • Volume
  • Volume by Person
  • First Response time
  • Resolution Time
  • Breakdown by Categories and Tags
  • Number of responses in a ticket

Basically many of the reports that we already have in HS but filtered down specifically for each group (as well as summarizing the KPIs for Mgmt!)

Can you make the SQL scripts used for the today board available? I could reverse engineer it, but Iā€™d rather have a really good starting point and let numbers match up.

Anyother reporting SQL would be most appreciated as well

Thanks in Advance!