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Custom Reports: Change between Bar and Line Graph


Not sure if this is a feature request or if this is already a feature that I have not been able to find.

I am creating custom reports and using the Category Reporting tags as Our grouping. We tend to only have 3-5 tags per category and would not necessarily have all tags be used in a single month. The result is one of 4 things normally: A completely empty graph (doesn’t even display the axis), a single dot (only one tag in a category had issue associated with it), a straight line between two points (results from only 2 tags having issues associated within a category), or a nice flowing up and down line when multiple tags have issues associated with them.

Is there a way, or could there be a way in the future, to be able to switch what type of graph is displayed? I see that there are both line and bar graphs. A bar graph is a much better application for a chart that has a limited number of data points, at least in this application.


Thanks Robert. There’s not a way to do that right now, but we’ll consider that in a future release.


Another suggestion that I have regarding custom reports:

Currently, if you Group a report by Category reporting tags, and there are no tickets under the selected category for the time frame selected, the report will come up completely blank. No axes, no labels, just a solid grey box where the report would normally display. The first few times I saw it, I figured something wasn’t loading properly, wasn’t done loading or that the report wasn’t running correctly.

A recommendation for this scenario would be some sort of indication that there is no content to display. This could be text that says something like ‘No requests match this report’s criteria’ or simply an empty graph (arbitrary y axis values with an empty x axis).