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Custom Reports


Ian, are there any plans to implement custom reports within the HelpSpot application?


Hi Richard,

Can you give me some more details on what you’re looking to do. With the current repots you can filter them and so on so they’re “custom”. There are plans to provide a way to save reports and have some more grouping in reports, but I don’t have an ETA on that.

We also have a lot of customers who work with the database directly. If you want some help pulling out some specific information we can work on that.


Hi Ian,

I guess I’m looking for a couple of things. Saving reports with various filter criteria already set would be great. We implemented something like this internally for Crystal Reports and it works great for our users.

Another thing I’m looking for is a way to simply insert some links in the reporting section to some of our own canned reports. For instance we’ll most likely write some Crystal Reports that complement yours and it would be great to include them as an additional link within HS rather than on another page in our intranet. I just ties things together better for us.

One other thing we are looking for is an advanced search where we could use a combination of keywords and selection of custom fields. For instance we’d like to be able to define a couple of fields, one for ‘department’ and another for ‘system’ and then be able to search for keywords ‘printer and label’ inside the issues that are for the ‘production’ department and ‘xyz’ system.

We’ll probably end up writing our own search screen to handle this and just tie it in somehow to the HS ui.


You can save reports currently by bookmarking them in your browser. They’ll be saved with all filters applied, so you can save different versions in different bookmarks. A more formal method for saving reports is likely coming in a future release.

I’m not sure about adding your own links in, but I’ll put it down for consideration.

You might try using filters as reports for some of the more difficult or complex queries you’re describing. They don’t aggregate like reports, but can be useful for seeing total counts.

Some type of more filter like reporting system is also being considered for a future release, but it may be more like version 4 as version 3 is already pretty packed with big new features planned.



I’m just about ready to purchase after using the hosted trial but the one thing that I cannot seem to work out how to do is to setup a new report or customise an existing one.

Please advise.


Hi Paul,

I’m not sure what you mean. The reports are built in. Each report can be customized along it’s right column with the different filters.



I’m missing a report designer, too. None of the pre-defined reports meet my needs.
But actually I check the possibility with a separate database frontend (OpenOffice or Access via ODBC) where I can access all the tables and build my own joines and canned reports.
That’s normal behavior for non-cost tools like BugZilla :slight_smile:
But the rest is fine.

Kind regards,


Yes, the database can be accessed directly so it’s no problem using external tools like that.


I’m in the same boat. Whilst customising the existing reports is a great feature, I’ve found that either the base report is not what we need, or the customising doesn’t go far enough.

For example, we only have half a dozen clients, but our software has a number of different ‘modules’. We use the category field to indicate what version/client the software is (some clients are on a generic version, some have their own customised version), and the reporting tags to indicate which module the bug has occurred in.

It would be great if we could create charts that indicated how many open, or closed, requests there are against each category, or module. Even better if we could then split that chart down by status as well!

As it is at the moment we’re looking to either use BIRT Reporting to create custom reports directly from the DB, or Sharepoint to do a similar thing.

It would be a very useful feature to have a custom reporting feature built in to HelpSpot, as at the moment, whilst it is great for customer facing tasks, my managers have no use for HelpSpot (which doesn’t help with buy in).


We’re definitely looking at improving the reporting features in a future release so the feedback and especially the specific reporting you’d like to see is very useful.


I am trying to find additional information on reporting capabilities - we need a report that includes all the information about a request - its category, reporting tag, assigned staff member, etc. Is there no report that includes all the information??? It would be very tedious for us to run each report individually, as there are many combinations.


Hi Allison,

I believe what you’re looking for a filter, Workspace->Filter Requests.

You can define the conditions and then set each column you want to display. It can then be saved and even downloaded. Filters are also how you generally will manage your staff, keep track of trends, etc.


What I like to see is a staff member timetracker report like:

Week 12
staf member 1
Monday incident 121 “printer issues” 40 min
Incident 122 “pc broken” 340 min
Monday Total 380 min.
Tuesday …

Staff member 2
Monday …

With this report we can track how much time a staff member spends on incidents per day.


You can get a list of all time tracker events in Reports->Time Events which gives you the request ID, customer ID, staffer, time and their description. It doesn’t currently group it in the manner you describe but it can be downloaded to Excel and I believe this grouping would be pretty easy to achieve.