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Custom Request Layering


Looking for a way to layer custom requests in the customer portal based on the selection from the previous custom request field.
ie. In our set-up, the “category” drop down determines the client grouping which sends to a specific agent
After selecting category, we have a custom reques field (drop down list) for request type which is variable based on the category.
One of these request types, Payment Confirmation, requires that the user input a number of responses such as method, amount and date of payment etc… because there are so many variables for this request type, we only want these options visible if the previously selected request type was the Payment Confirmation drop down.

Can this be done?


Hi Aaron,

It can’t be done how you describe because the other custom fields can only be tied to a category not another CF. What you could do though is add a special category just for this one type of transaction and in this one case you’d use that category and then setup the CF’s off that.


Thanks, that’s what I had done for now.