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Custom SMTP headers


Is it possible to set custom SMTP headers for outbound emails from HelpSpot?

For example, when using Mandrill for email delivery - … we can specify extra meta data about outbound emails for more fine-grained tracking and management of deliverability issues.

Ideally it would be great to be able to set a custom header on each individual email based on certain email fields (eg set Mandrill metadata based on the contents of a custom field when replying to a request), but at worst, it would just be useful to be able to tag all outgoing email from HelpSpot as being from HelpSpot (for example)!


Hello Simon,

It’s not currently possible to do that. You could use something like Mandrill as your SMTP though if they have a UI for appending headers or your own mail server.

HelpSpot does add the x-mailer header to specify that HelpSpot sent the email and the version.