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Customer ID in Mail rule condition



I would like to do somewhat of a restricted Auto Reply to listed customers only. So I thought checking the Customer ID in a mail rule would do the job.

But there is no Customer ID for new requests, because the mail rule isn’t using live lookup for that matter.

Is it just available for the email API using ##hs_customer_id:XXXXXX##?

I could check sender addresses, but this would make it a bit static.




Right, the system doesn’t’ know the customer ID at that point. You could include that tag if you have the ability to add it to your emails and then do a mail body contains “#hs_customer_id:XXXXXX##” check for it.

If a slight delay is OK you could instead use an AR which maybe checks hourly and does the processing you want presumably after a staffer has run Live Lookup (or the customer ID has been preset using the email parser API).


Because these are enduser emails I cannot teach them to add #hs_customer_id#, so it seems I have to stick with the sender addresses.

Would be great to do LiveLookups when a new request arrives.


What is the easiest way to look for specific sender addresses (or just domains) in a mail rule … I want to avoid having tons of Contains-Conditions, e.g. one Condition per domain.

Is there a way to catch mails from,, via regex and if yes, what’s the format I have to use? I tried /domain1|domain2/ but this matches everything.


it would probably be clearer to do an “any” match and have a line for each domain rather than one huge regex unless the domains are all similar in some way where the regex would match them all easily.

What is the action you’re trying to perform exactly for all these domains?


Ian, I want to accomplish a autoreply only to listed customers with valid support contracts, for all the others I was planning to assign manually.

But you’re probably right, specifing my 50-100 domains each in a sngle match is currently the best way to go, maybe I was overthinking a litte.

Maybe in a later version assign customer id while the request is getting created will make things easier.


Yes, that’s the best way to go for now.