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We are testing your helpdesk product and so far it looks like it will fit our needs. The only trouble we are going to have is intergrating it into our invoicing system.

When we create a request or view an existing one we want to select a customer ID from our back office system to link the two systems together. I have tried using the live lookup but when i insert the details from the lookup it overwrites details which are already filled in. This wont work for us because a client will have several users logging requests. Our back office system only has entries for clients not the individual users.

On the helpdesk we need to keep the users name, email address and phone number and only insert their companies ID into the ‘company id’ field.

This solution that would work for us if the client id box could be turned into a drop down list which is populated from our back office system. Is it possible to edit the existing page and code ourselves? or is this a change we can pay to have done?

Kind Regards

Ian Waters


Hi Ian,

You won’t be able to modify the page, however, you could create a drop down list using custom fields (Admin->Tools->Custom Request Fields). It will be in the right side, but otherwise should work well. Custom fields are fully integrated in HelpSpot so you can run filters, run reports, just as with the customer ID field.

On the Live Lookup front, in version 2.4 which is in testing now if you don’t return a field in Live Lookup it won’t overwrite data. So if you don’t return a customer name field it will leave it as is. Even in the current release what you can do is simply return the fields back.

So when your script gets the Live Lookup data the customer first name/last name/etc are sent. You can simply put that data back in the result XML and it will be inserted as is with on the customer ID changed since everything else you’re just sending back.


Many thanks for the reply. I didnt think of that last option but I think it will work for us. Thanks again!


Great, let me know how you make out.