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Customer Identification


Is there a way to create a customer database within helpspot so that any genuine customers could be easily identified and anyone who isn’t within the database gets a certain flag or email subject?


Hi Jon,

HelpSpot does not have a way to create a customer database. This is on purpose so that customer data does not need to be kept in sync with your existing customer information system. Instead HelpSpot provides an API which makes it easy to hook HelpSpot to your existing customer data and retrieve it in real time from within HelpSpot. You can read about it here:


I found that odd at first. Since all the other systems I have tried do have a customer database. But after getting used to the idea, it does make sense. I like not having to maintain another list of employees/customers.


Yep, it really cuts down on maintenance and errors in the long term. Also it allows us to keep the HelpSpot interface much simpler. Adding a customer database would inevitably lead to having many CRM like feature which would really start to clutter up the interface and take away from the core task of customer service.