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Customer IDs



What is the recommended way to group customers under an “organisation” name of some sort?

Some of our customers have several people who can submit requests: when we total up the work done and time spent for billing, the requests all need to be rolled up into one report. Can this be done using “customer ID”?

Also, when adding a new request, is it possible for the customer ID field to be a dropdown or some sort of closed list?




Probably the quickest way would be to create an “Organisation” custom field, perhaps make it a dropdown list, then you can use that to create filters based on the organisations.

As far as I’m aware, you can’t change the customer ID field into a dropdown, the closest you’d get is using the Live Lookup API to search an existing customer database and show a list of matches. Using this, you could also get Live Lookup to populate the organisation custom field mentioned above, if that information was already stored somewhere else.



When a request is received by helpspot, is there any way to run a custom script/use the live lookup/make a request? I couldn’t see anything like it in the API information or automation rules settings.

I have the organisation information in another database, so I would like to pull it out from there rather than convert it all into automation rules.



Hi Miles,

Using Live Lookup is the way to go. If you have ID’s for your organizations and organization is the level you work at then using the built in customer ID field is probably the way to go, though an organization custom field would be very similar as well and if you want a drop down is what you’d need to do.

Live Lookup cannot be run right when the request is received, you might have multiple matches in some instances so a human needs to be able to see the results and select the correct one. You can have it automatically run for you though so that the tab button doesn’t have to be clicked when you enter a request. That setting is in Admin->Settings->Live Lookup