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Customer login to HelpSpot


Hi Ian,

I am curious about the interface for customers. All the other help desk systems I have looked at provide a login facility for customers. This allows a customer to login and see all their cases in a single view. The customer only needs to remember their own login details, rather than needing a seperate access key for each case.

Is this possible with HelpSpot, and I just haven’t worked out how to enable it yet?

My ideal scenario would allow me to assign cases to different customers (where each customer is a company, not a person). Then, for each person that logs in to manage/monitor cases, I can control that person’s privileges so they can only view/edit cases that belong to their company. This scenario assumes I have created the case on behalf of the customer - for example, the case was logged over the phone. In the situation where a case is created by a customer representative (either by email or web form), the case is automatically assigned to the appropriate customer.

So that you understand the reason for my questions, I am currently evaluating a number of help desk / ticket management systems. I will be making a decision within the next few weeks as to which one we will be using. While a customer login facility is not essential for me, it is definitely something I would like to have.


Paul Hobbs


Hi Paul,

It’s not currently possible to login, this feature is also coming in the next release. Still unlike the other systems though it will be a very simple system. The portal will still be completely open with only a login for the request check area to see your old requests (or all the requests associated with your company ID). Access keys will still work as well.

In practice customers rarely return to the portal to check on requests as they get updates right in their email clients, but the login will allow this if they want to check in or in your case to see other users requests.

I do want to note that it’s not going to be like a CRM, customers won’t have access levels really or individual permissions. You’ll be able to put the system in 2 modes. One where they can see only requests made with the same email account and another where they can see requests made by anyone with the same customer ID as the requests they’ve submitted (so everyone in that company presumably).


This sounds like it would do the trick for me (and my customers). I look forward to checking it out. I don’t want a complex CRM system (at least not yet). Simple but effective works well for me. :slight_smile:


Great! We’re looking forward to getting it out!


Hi Ian,

Just one more question about the upcoming customer login functionality - will this affect licensing? On your site it says:

HelpSpot license pricing is calculated on a named user basis. HelpSpot defines Named Users as those needing log-on access to HelpSpot to manage requests, be assigned requests, or modify administrative settings.

Given that a customer will now have log-on access, does that mean they will be classed as a Named User?




No, they will have a special login on the portal not to the admin area. Nothing will be changing with the licensing in this regard.