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Customer-specific portal


Is there a way to create a customer-specific portal where they may enter new tickets as new cases arise, without having to enter their information all over again?

It would be great if the customer could have login access to this page, and perhaps if the page could be customized for the customer (e.g. with their company name). The customer then goes to the general helpdesk page, logs in, can see the status of all their past tickets and enter new ones if needed.


Hi Arvind,

HelpSpot does not show their information again, because this would be done with a cookie and could show the wrong information to the wrong user if sharing a computer or using a public computer. You could probably add this functionality via javascript and a cookie right in the request template if you want it.

As for a login there is no customer login system and there is no plans to have one. We believe it creates to large a barrier to your customers. When all they want is some help , the last thing they want to be worried about is finding their help desk login information.

That said, if it would be appropriate in your situation you can certainly layer a login on top of the HelpSpot templates. Other customers have done this very successfully.


The application is as follows:

  • We plan to offer a service wherein collaboration with the customer is a key factor.
  • This collaboration takes the form of issues reported by either the client or by us, and then a series of exchanges regarding each issue (which may include document uploads).
  • It is very important for both the client and us to be able to see a list of all open issues for that client, click on a selected one, add information, close the issue, etc.
  • There are many such clients
  • This is akin to having multiple 1-user instances of HD running, each with its own separate db and login. However for us, there should be a way to list all clients, click on a client, and see their issue list.

Any ideas? What would we need to do to implement this? Is it possible to do custom development to make this happen?


What you describe is what HelpSpot does in terms of collaboration. The only thing you can’t do is see a list of all requests. You could easily develop this though by doing some simple database queries to pull all the users open requests and display them on a page you create and you secure. You would basically just search the HS_Request.sUserId field and check that HS_Request.fOpen = 1 for open or 0 for closed.

I’m not sure what your business model is, but we do have some customers who actually give HelpSpot logins to all their customers. They charge them for this so the license cost is covered. They add them as guests or level 2 users. You can then use the special limited access modes to keep the customers from seeing each other.

We don’t offer any custom development, but as I indicated above you should be able to add this functionality fairly easily.