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"Customer will be emailed" behaviour



Customer will be emailed” has now become default behaviour as soon as a ticket is viewed by staff, causing the signature text to be (atleast) included in message whenever the ticket is updated even if the staff does not mean to send anything to the customer.

A simple case is of reassignment of ticket to other staff member without clicking on “Private” , the other case is closing the ticket.

This issue was not present earlier and is being seen since last few days.

Will this be treated as an issue to be resolved or the behaviour would remain?

Thanks and Regards

Vishal Vaswani


Did you update HelpSpot recently. If so, what version are you running?


Hi Matt,

Thanks for your reply.

We are using v3.2.12 of Helpspot.


Vishal Vaswani


Ok that is a pretty old version. I would recommend getting upgraded to the latest version. You might also want to check and make sure autofill or a password manager plugin isn’t somehow inserting an invisible character in there.