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Customize new ticket header?


Is there the ability to customize the fields on the create a ticket screen’s customer tab?

Currently there are six text boxes for “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Contacted Via”, “Email”, “Phone”, and “Customer ID”.

It would be helpful to our help desk if another field was present called “Customer’s Company”. When we receive a ticket via email, it’d be useful to know that “John Smith” was from Acme Inc., and was not the “John Smith” from “Amalgamated Industries”.

If not, I suppose a workaround would be to add a custom field that appears off to the right in the “New Request” section. I don’t like that solution because the custom field(s) don’t appear until a category has been selected. When coming from the customer’s email, there is no category, so the fields are not visible. Is there a work around to that?



Hi Todd,

Currently that is the best solution. It’s something we do get requests for though and are going to consider further for a future release.

One other option is if you don’t actually have Customer ID’s you could use that field. It’s just an open text field so it could hold a company name.