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Customize Request IDs?


I’ve looked through the forums but I didn’t find what I was looking for; sorry if this is already out there.

I’ve got a department that would like to start using Helpspot but they’d like to have custom request IDs. They already have a numbering sequence they’re using the track issues and projects and would like to continue with that format. Is there a way to change the number of characters in the ID and start the sequence at a specific number? Can non-numeric characters be used in the ID?

Thanks for any help!


Hi Todd,

The ID’s are numeric keys and cannot be changed or altered in their order or format. The one thing you could do is set their starting number. To do so you’d set the auto increment to the desired value on HS_Request.xRequest. Here’s the query for different databases:

DBCC CHECKIDENT ( “HS_Request”, RESEED, 100000)


Don’t set it below the current highest ID (defaults to 12,400)