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Customizing admin.php page


Is it possible to customise the man admin.php page at all?

As far as I can tell this only covers the public facing pages (kb,submit a request etc)

I don’t want to do much fancy just add a 1 textbox form and/or link to either the footer, left nav or header.

Any ideas?


Oh - I would also like to piggy back on Helpspots authentication - i.e. I’ve got a report that I don’t want people accessing unless they are helpspot users.

So I am including config.php to get the db connection info - any way to check if authenticated?


Hi Ryan,

No, the admin.php file is not editable. The upcoming version 3 does allow custom themeing of the admin including custom javascript so with that you would be able to insert a link in.

However, it still wouldn’t let you create a new page inside the admin as it sounds like you may want to do.


I could make it work with some javascript (at moment just going to have an iframe hosting my tiny custom header with links and then admin.php).

I’ll give you the “why” - help you see where I am coming from with this and add to that endless list of customer requests :wink:

What I need is an easy search function that will show me all the other tickets opened by people at the same company (defined by same domain name in email) as often in large co’s the left hand doesn’t even know there is a right hand. This is not something thats useful for internal helpdesk but is for external facing helpdesk like me (and you I would guess!).

I’ve done a very dirty page querying the helpspot db for where Email like ‘’ and returning the results as both a html table and xml like your live lookup example.

(BTW - the live lookup doesn’t really work for this as we are not showing customer info and “Insert customer information” is not valid - but with a tiny bit more flexibility it could easily show a ajax datatable/grid that would be ideal for this sort of report).

The other part of this is ensuring it can only be ran by an authenticated helpspot user as you wouldn’t want just anyone running these - so something like a file “ensure_authenticated.php” which we could include that would wrap the login logic and redirect/stop processing if not logged in would be fan-tas-tic!


You could use LL just by returning a single tag with a cdata block and an HTML table for your info.

I think we might have something useful for you in v3 though. Can’t say more just yet, but we’ll be sending beta info in a bit and you’ll want to check it out.