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Customizing autoreply in mailbox rules


I’d like to set up an autoreply that only fires when mail comes in outside of business hours. The mailbox-level autoreplies are either on or off, and don’t allow this level of control, so I’ve implemented it as a mail rule, using the “instantly reply” action.

This works fine, except for a two things:

  1. There is no name set in the reply email. The return address shows the email address for the mailbox but does not include a name, which isn’t very nice for the recipient of the autoreply (ie, the customer). I’m guessing this is because we have our reply names set to be the name of the logged in staff member and this doesn’t apply when a mail rule is running.

  2. The autoreply text is saved as a public reply in the request. We have our reply template set up to quote the last public note at the end of our replies, so this means that the autoreply will be the quoted text rather than the customer’s email. We can make the autoreply note private to avoid this but it’s an extra step that will certainly be forgotten.

Is there a better way to accomplish this? We check email frequently during the business hours so I don’t want to bother customers with autoreplies all the time; I’d rather restrict them to the off hours.



Right on #1, it has no person to set. You could modify that so it’s part generic part the persons name? Support | Bob, type thing.

On #2 you could make the template use the initial note rather than the last note but not sure in your case if that would work, if you’d always want the initial note.


Ok, thanks. I’ll have to think about this then.

(On an unrelated note, the Captcha on this page isn’t showing in Firefox on OS X. I had to post this with Safari.)