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Customizing the front end for multiple clients


I was wondering how I might customize the front-end/portal of Helpspot for multiple clients. I use Helpspot for website support. Doesn’t seem like there’s an easy way. In essence, I want to give my clients more of the feel that it’s their own help desk.

I guess I’d have to maintain separate instances of the application (all the files) in unique directories, then customize each accordingly. They’d all still point to the same database, so I’m not looking to circumvent licensing issues or anything like that, but I’m not sure if there are any other issues that might prevent this or complicate the effort.


Hi Todd,

I guess it depends a bit on what you’re trying to do exactly. Are you consulting any only have a handful of customers or are you selling a product and have lots of customers and want personalization for each?

One idea would be to modify the templates and in the header do a check where if a special cookie isn’t set the user is redirected to a custom page you build. On that page the user puts in their customer ID, you save that to the cookie and send them back to the HS portal.

Now, using that cookie value you can customize the look of the portal based on that value.

For example, customer XYZ tries to go to the portal. They’re redirected to your special customer ID page and enter their ID. They only need to do this once since you’ll set a 10 year cookie.

They now are redirected back to the portal. Using the cookie value you do a query to your customer system (from the HelpSpot header template) and based on the company the user is from you show a different header graphic and color scheme just for them.

Make sense? It would probably take a day to implement, I wouldn’t think it would be too bad.