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Data dictionary or custom reporting documentation


We are considering using Helpspot for support at our organization, but reporting and manipulating data is a critical requirement for us. While looking at your website, I came across the following statement:

“For those needing more extensive report creation capability, you can easily work within the database to create your own custom queries.”

Is there any documentation available from Helpspot that provides a data dictionary or data model guide that will allow me to understand the underlying database structure for custom reporting purposes?


Hi Umesh,

The new Version 3 does have completely redesign reporting that handles most of the common cases. Working directly against the database is common as well. We don’t currently have a published database spec, but it’s pretty standard layout and we’re happy to assist with any specific questions you may have as you design reports.


I am trying to build a report of all REQUESTS that were created when the contacted via method (example PHONE). I need to get a report with the following fields:

Request ID
Contacted Via
Customer Name
Opened by
Assigned to
Date/Time when Request was opened
Date/Time when Request was closed
Category (text)
Reporting Tags (text)

What is the best way for me to identify the table/field/relationship within the database that will allow me to do this?


How can I determine the descriptions for each of the possible values in the OpenedViaId field in the hs_request table?


Got it. Don’t worry. I was in the API documentation. Thank you.