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Database, Knowledge Books, HELP!


Hi All

Does anyone know where the helpspot database is located and can it be read by a programe? Im after the knowledge books.

Our pc had an issue and we had to install Helpspot again, and long story short, we lost everything.

I have an backup copy of the directory before the reinstall, lucky.

Can anyone help? Im not looking to move them over to the new version, as we are now running the software on a new pc and im about to retire the old pc.

Im just looking to being able to read the documents that we have created over time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my request and hopefully help.


All the documents are in the database, so you’d need to restore the database from a backup you have. If you used the Windows installer and used MySQL for the database there’s a folder within the HelpSpot folder for mysql/data. If you used Microsoft SQL Server they’d be in SQL Servers data.