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Database Scheme since 1.5.0


Good job on the new version. Has the database changed? I see no documentation on that, yet I see these in the error log:

Database: Unknown column ‘HS_Forums_Posts.fSpam’ in ‘on clause’


Session Replace: Unknown column ‘expiry’ in ‘field list’


Yes the database has changed. I don’t think the second error is anything to worry about. For the first one does it list a file and line?


Oh yes, sorry:

Savant2_Plugin_Forums_Topics.php 77


Ah interesting. OK I’ll check this out. You can login and everything right?


Wait that was the file for the forum posts error. Was there also one for the session?


Actually could you email me the columns in HS_Forums_Posts?


Ah, forget it. Checking the timestamps, the errors were probably thrown out by the installer itself. The column is right there (and I imagine it is new with 1.5). The same likely applies for the session error (no file quoted there). I guess I just missed some upgrade issues, so made up some… Thanks anyway! :wink:

I was hoping to see the “close with a KB suggestion or autoresponse” feature in already, but I guess it needs more work. Looks good otherwise.


Ah, great.

Yes, I looked at that and played with it a bit but there’s some serious performance issues which need to be looked at. Specifically with the amount of email that type of command would generate when used with a large number of requests. I’m not actually that worried with folks using PHP mail, but people using SMTP (all windows users and some Linux) the connections could cause the operation to fail.

Don’t worry though it’s still on the list and will be revisited when version 2 work starts up.