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Dear Ian, (John)


Being with you and helpspot has been wonderful, at times. I have learned so much. And there is so much that I am grateful for, so much that I will cherish as I move forward.

But the time has come to say good-bye.

I know that this must come as a shock, but I can no longer tolerate the broken Zend optimizer product that you have bound your great solution to. I understand why you use it, but it’s not working. When they aren’t able to keep up with php updates, for months and months…well, I just can’t overlook the problem anymore!

I love helpspot, still, but the pain that lies beneath the happiness that we once shared, has become more than I can endure. It is more than anyone should have to. For me, and for you. We are too good to settle for something that neither of us deserve.

I hope that you are happy going forward. If you ever decide to change, to really fix what is broken, please let me know!

With the greatest sincerity,



Hi David,

Yes, we’ve been unhappy with Zend ourselves. As such, we’ve been toying with a build that uses the IonCube encoder. If you’re interested in me sending you a link to that I’m happy to do so.

If not, we wish you well and if you don’t find happiness out there please look us up again.


I would very much like to try your alternative! Like I said, I very much love your product, and I do not want our relationship to end!


I would like to try the Ioncube version as well. Can this be installed over my existing setup or do I need to create a new setup? Thanks. Also, does the mailing list notify us of new versions? I just signed up and am hoping it does. Thanks!



Hi Kevin,

I’ll email you a link to the experimental build. f you are a HelpSpot customer you’re always notified of new releases, the newsletter gets notified on major releases, but not all releases.