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Default "assigned to" should be remembered when selecting a catagory


Are we the only organization that ishaving trouble with this? This has become a major inconvenience for us and it is causing some tickets to get misplaced because they are going to the wrong in box.


This seems to be the default behavior in the system. First I thought it could depend on whether the assigned staff was available in the new category or not, but regardless of this, it does by default switches to INBOX if choosing another category for the ticket.

You seem to indicate the problem with misplaced tickets is due to “wrong inbox”, perhaps you mean that the ticket is misplaced as it becomes unassigned in the huge “system wide inbox”?

I do agree that this is a little problematic that each “category” does not have its own ‘system’ inbox, but you could try making INBOX:es of global filters to make it a little bit easier. The system wide INBOX still exists however; please, see screenshot for an example how we approached that problem (suggested by Userscape):


We do use the global Filters. I am referring to the actual user.

When an item comes into help spot it goes to our general in box (all issues go there)
I go into the in box and I see that it is (for instance) a custmer complaint.
John Smith is the default staff member to handle customer complaints.

In a previous version of the system, when I selected customer complaint, the issue was automatically tagged to Jon smith.

now It is tagged to me.

This has caused significant trouble for us