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Default Assignment for Catergories



It would be helpful if we could have the default email address change when an email is rerouted to the correct Category.

We have multiple Categories which use the same email address. For example we have an internal issue email that is emailed into box A - Issues for both our Davis and Cole-Parmer brands are sent here, because there is not an easy way for this to be distinguished initially. The Ticket defaults to another category where it is reassigned if the brand doesn’t match. To send an email to our customer, we must then manually select the correct Email Box to send on behalf of. It doesn’t seem like there is a way to make an email box tied to a category.

We are tracking our follow up from phone customers. To do this we create a new ticket for a new category entitled Apps- Phone Calls. If we want to send an email reply to a customer, the Mailbox must be manually selected. Is there any way for us to set it so the MailBox will auto pull in?


Hi Aaron,

Well, the system doesn’t draw any association between categories and mailboxes so there’s nothing built in.

If you have any developers on staff you could add a custom javascript file to your admin theme. In this file you could use jQuery to watch for a change in category and when their is issue a change to the ‘send from’ drop down list.

It probably wouldn’t be that hard to implement. Here’s how to add the javascript theme: