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Default customer updates to public in portal request history


Is there a configurable option to force an inbound email update to a request to be public instead of private? What I’m seeing is that a customer sends an update to their own request via email, but then can’t view it in the portal history and doesn’t think their update was received by the system.

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That can occur if they send the email in from an alternate email account. It will always be public if they use the same email, but not if they switch emails as the system has no way to know it’s the customers and not someone else.

You can set a private note to public though which will display it in the portal.


Hi Ian

Please can you advise where the note type can be changed?
Cant seem to find the option within a open ticket to change the note type from private to public

Many Thanks


@iliadjack You can change a notes public/private settings by clicking on the hover menu for the individual note. Here’s a screenshot: