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Default Reply Status


Is it possible to set a default reply status, for example when we reply to a ticket can we automatically set it to Awaiting Customer Response (if we don’t select another status)?


I’ve kind of managed to do this. But I can’t get it to do it so that when I send a response, it automatically changes to “Awaiting Customer Response”.

I’ve created a custom status field, then I use triggers to change that status.

So I’ve set up trigger for when the ticket gets updated and the current status is now “Awaiting customer response”. This then changes the current status to “Awaiting response” in a different colour to indicate it requires a response from us.

Problem here is when replying, I change the status to “Awaiting Customer Response” when updating the ticket, but the trigger changes it back and I have to change the status AGAIN as a private note.

So you kind of can, using triggers (and lots of filtering in them). But not nicely.


Dan’s ideas sound like how we would suggest doing that.

There is a condition you can add to the trigger as well - “Acting Person” - which can be set to “NOW IS CUSTOMER” or “NOW IS NOT CUSTOMER” which can help you decide to change the status based on who was taking action (perhaps you only want it set when staff reply).

You can also use “Status changed” or “status not changed” conditions within the trigger.

Hopefully some combination of that will help you set it up as you need!