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Default signatures not applied to some users


I have set default signatures for two mailboxes. This works for me personally, and some staff, but not for all staff. I am an administrator.

What could be wrong? What can I check? Both mailboxes signatures have been populated by the default and then edited.

I should note that I am running Helpspot version v3.2.12




Can you explain what you mean by default signatures, there isn’t a feature exactly like that.

If you mean in the mailbox you’ve set a signature in the email templates, then what it might be is they’re sending from the ‘default’ mailbox version of that mailbox (if that mailbox is your default in admin-settings-email integration) which would use the main email templates not the override ones in the mailbox (sorry that’s a little complicated!).

You’d really only see this when they’re manually building requests and they don’t select the mailbox from the ‘send from’ drop down list.