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Default value for custom request fields?


I’ve got a custom request field called “Priority” that is set as required and has four options: Low, Normal, High, Critical.

For some reason, when creating a request, the field has an empty option which is selected by default - since the field is required, this is something I would consider to be a bug (ie: a required field should not have a blank entry).
Secondly, I can’t find anywhere in the Edit Custom Field page that allows me to select a default value for the field, which makes data entry needlessly annoying.

Is there any way to assign a default value to a custom request field?


Hi Cole,

Currently there are no default values for custom fields, though this is likely coming in a future release.

In the meantime you could use responses to fill in custom field values when you have a group of them to fill in. Also, if you use FireFox it would be pretty easy to use Greasemonkey to set default values, though this will take a bit of javascript knowledge.


Ugh, that’s kind of disappointing. Do you know if there is any way to submit a bug report about these? While the default issue is simply annoying, the empty option in a required field is certainly a bug.


We don’t consider that a bug as it’s a field that the staffer is required to select. Providing a default would then not require the item to be selected. This is also consistent with how the non-required fields work, though as I noted we are looking at providing a default option in a future release.

Perhaps you can accomplish the data collection in another manner, perhaps via reporting tags? It’s also possible to set custom field values via Live Lookup so perhaps that’s an option if you’re planning on using Live Lookup.