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Default Webpage / Folder


I have a new install on a windows 2008r2 server, and my address I have to put in the folder for example

http://address/helpspot - works

http://address - does not work (brings up default Apache page) instead of redirecting to HelpSpot

I have tried to set it in the httpd.conf file, and everytime I try to restart Apache it errors out on me.


if you update httpd.conf so that the document root includes the helpspot folder and restart that should do it. Note, you also have to edit HelpSpot’s config.php to change the cHOST URL.


Having same issue really, I had it working before I upgraded.

Directory “C:\Program Files (x86)\helpspot/helpspot”

define(‘cHOST’,‘’); // Base URL used within HelpSpot, WITHOUT tailing slash “/”

This produces:
You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

If I put the /helpspot in the url it works fine.


The windows installer sets IIS to expect the /helpspot so you won’t be able to just remove /helpspot from the cHOST to change the URL. There’s change in IIS (or Apache if you used that) that would be needed. Currently we don’t recommend that, you may instead want to adjust the webserver to redirect / to /helpspot.