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Delete a ticket with attachments permanently


The directory we installed Helpspot in has grown very large because we often attach large files to a ticket. I see how to trash a ticket, but it stays in the system. How do you delete a ticket permanently as well as its attachment? So that it leaves the database?


Hi Mel,

Your trash should be deleted every 30 days by default, but you can set the time period to be faster in Admin-Settings-System


Ok thank you. Any quick way to put all tickets from 2010 into the trash!!! So that they can delete out? We weren’t in the practice of trashing anything, we were instead closing the tickets. Which is good for a 12 month period, but anything older can be trashed now, I don’t want to go one by one…


Well, you could use a filter and then batch move them in 100-200 ticket chunks.

You could also use the delete spam script but modify the query to select old tickets rather than spam. But, you need to be very very careful with that.