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Delete "Is this request urgent" option


In request.tpl.php I found this part seems to control the request.

<p><label for="fUrgent" class="datalabel"><?php echo lg_portal_req_urgent ?></label><br />
	<select name="fUrgent">
		<option value="0" <?php if($this->request_fUrgent == 0) echo 'selected' ?>><?php echo lg_portal_req_no ?></option>
		<option value="1" <?php if($this->request_fUrgent == 1) echo 'selected' ?>><?php echo lg_portal_req_yes ?></option>

I have tried commenting this out by the block using /* … */ and by line using //. Neither one of these removes the Is this request urgent on the portal.

I found that deleting the selection out does remove the option from the portal. Is there a more elegant or better way to remove the urgent option? Thanks.


Probably the issue is that you need to either use HTML comments or wrap the PHP style ones in the PHP start/end tags like <?php /* ?> … <?php */ ?>