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Delete pdf attached to ticket


Someone attached a PDF to a ticket which contains sensitive data. We would like to remove that attachment. Is this possible? Thanks!


Hi Levi,

The simplest way would be to move the entire request to trash and it will be deleted in as many days as is indicated in admin-settings-system.

You can also manually delete the attachment, but it depends a bit on where it’s stored. By default they’re stored in the database if you’re self hosted. Otherwise they can also be stored on disk. You can see which it is in admin-settings-system but either way you’ll need to go into the database to either delete it in the HS_Documents table or find the file path in there and delete it on disk.


Thanks Ian! I just went into the database and deleted the record from HS_Request_History and the attachment from HS_Documents.


Great! Let us know if you need anything else.