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Deleting a forum post


How do you delete a forum post? Completely delete, not just edit, mark as trollish, etc. etc. Mark as trollish doesn’t seem to work - others can still view posts. ‘Moderate’ allows you to change the message but the title stays put.


Also, how do you setup to not let any forum posts through before they are reviewed by the moderator?


Hi Arvind,

There is a bug in trollish which is fixed in the next release. As for deleting you can delete a post by going into ‘moderate post’ and at the very bottom you’ll see a long red box with a delete button in it. If you need to delete the entire topic you can do the same by going into the topic and going all the way to the bottom. Also in the next release they’ll be the option to make topics/posts as spam and the system will learn to automark spam items.

There is no moderation queue in the forums, except in the next release where items the system thinks are spam will be queued.